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Ielts Business Travel And Trip Vocabulary


Ielts Business Travel And Trip Vocabulary

Ielts Business Travel And Trip Vocabulary | When you are in Ielts speaking or Ielts writing or Ielts reading  or ielts listening session and your topic is about Ielts Business Travel And Trip.These following vocabulary words will help you a great.

The movement of people or goods from one place to another
The activity of visiting interesting and beautiful places especially by tourists.
To go sightseeing
It is referred to the plan of visiting interesting places especially by tourists.
To go on holiday / vacation ( US )
It is normally referred to the break that someone takes or gets from work or school.
A tour ( = journey )
A visit to a place or an area, especially one during which you look around the place or area and learn about it
To go abroad
To go to a foreign country either for the purpose of travel, study or work.
Overseas also means international or foreign
Travel is
going somewhere, to a new place, to explore, to discover etc.
A package tour
A holiday at a fixed price in which the tour agency arranges your travel, stay and food.
A passenger
Referred to the person travelling by a flight, train etc.
Baggage claim
An area in an airport where arriving passengers can collect their luggage.
To retrieve
Means to find and bring back something
Left- luggage ( locker )
a cupboard, often tall and made of metal, in which you can keep your possessions, and leave them for a period of time
a place at a station, airport, etc. where you can leave your bags for a short time until you need them.
A direct flight
Refers to a single plane journey without connections
A connecting flight
Refers to a plane journey with one or more stops
Connecting passenger
Refers to passaengers travelling by a connecting flight.
A sea resort
Referred to a place where people can plan their holidays alongside a beach and which have beach related activities.
A ski resort
Referred to a place with skiing facilities
A round-trip flight
Refers to a to and fro plane journey
A round-trip ticket
The ticket for a to and fro plane journey.
A one-way flight
entitles a passenger to travel only to his or her destination, without returning.
A Non-stop flight
Refers to a direct flight ie; without any stops in between.
A stopover
Refers to a short stay at a place that you may have while you are on a long journey to somewhere else.
A route
Refers to a particular path or direction between places
An airplane /a plane
Referred to a vehicle designed for air travel that has wings and one or more engines.
An aircraft
Referred to a machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air.
An airline carrier
Refers to a business that operates regular services for carrying passengers and/or goods by aircraft
Airline ticket counter
Referred to the area at the airport where you show your tickets to get your boarding pass printed.
A long and narrow space between rows of seats in an aircraft
Arrival and departure
Arrival refers to reaching your destination and departure refers to leaving for your destination.
To book ( a room, a flight ; a seat )
Refers to reserve an accommodation, a place, etc. or to buy a ticket in advance
Booked up
Refers to fully reserved or completely full.
A taxi cab
Refers to a car that carries passengers willing to pay a fee for the service.
The cabin
Also, referred to as the airplane or aircraft room
The flight deck
the cockpit of a large aircraft.
Cabin crew
Refers to the people in an aircraft whose job is to take care of the passengers.
Cabin / flight attendant
Also referred to air steward, air hostess
A car (US ) / A carriage ( GB )
A car is defined as a vehicle, with four wheels, powered by an internal-combustion engine and which is able to carry a small number of people while a carriage refers to a vehicle with four wheels that is usually pulled by horses and which was used mainly in the past.
A wagon, truck ( goods )
a vehicle used for transporting goods or any another specified purpose
It is usually referred to that time when passengers are allowed to get onto a flight, train, bus etc.
A boarding Pass
It is usually referred to that piece of paper which gives you access to board a flight, bus, train etc during the time of boarding.
To go on board / To board
To get onto a flight, ship, ferry, bus etc.
To get on / off a bus
To get on a bus means to board the bus in order to start your journey while to get off a bus means to get out of the bus as you might have reached your destination.
Fare is usually referred to the cost of travelling in a flight, train, bus etc.
Entry / Entrance fee
It is usually referred to the amount paid to have access to something.
A ride
Refers to an excursion on a bicycle, horse, or a motor cycle
To ride
To travel in a vehicle, such as a car, bus, or train
A trip ( journey )
A trip is usually referred to a short journey / travel of going somewhere, exploring places and discovering cultures.
A foreign travel
Refers to going on a journey to a foreign country either for work or for pleasure.
Travel allowance
Referred to the expenses incurred during travel.


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