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What Is Sentence Kinds Of Sentences English Grammar Ielts Exams


What Is Sentence Kinds Of Sentences English Grammar Ielts Exams

What is sentence

When you speak or write you use words. you generally use these words in groups; as,
Lucy sat in a corner.
A group of words like this, which makes complete sense, is called a Sentence.

Kinds of Sentences

Sentences are of four kinds:

A sentence that makes a statement or assertion is called a Declarative or Assertive
A sentence that asks a question is called an Interrogative sentence.
A sentence that expresses a command or an entreaty is called an Imperative sentence.
A sentence that denotes strong feeling is called an Exclamatory sentence.

(1) Those which make statements or assertions; as, Lucy ate food.
(2)Those which ask questions; as Where does he live?
(3) Those which express strong feelings; as,
(4) Those which express ,entreaties,requests,commands etc. Do this work.

What is subject and predicate | English Preparation | Ielts Exams


When you make a sentence:
There are two parts subject and predicate
first one called subject and second one called predicate like
first part is noun or pronoun who plays his part and second part which tells about
subject which activities he plays.

(1) First part which names the person or thing we are speaking about. This is called the
Subject of the sentence.
(2) Second part which tells something about the Subject. This is called the Predicate of the

Exercise of subject and predicate

  1. They delight us.
  2. Miss Lucy was rude at the table one day.
  3. Sun is round.
  4. Nature is beautiful.
  5.  He discovered mountain.
  6. They are good at memory.
  7. Habits play important role in our life.

What is the phrase and the clause

Read the follosing words like “at noon”.It does not give your complete sense ;such kind of words
which do not give complete sense are called phrase.
And the clause which contains subject and predicate and without phrase our sentence sense is complete but it enhances the beauty of sentence or make worth of speaking,listening or writing or reading .


1. Noun.
2. Adjective.
3. Pronoun.
4. Verb.
5. Adverb.
6. Preposition.
7. Conjunction.
8. Interjection.

Whenever you speak any sentence ,it contains different parts of speech,they are eight in number.

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