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What Are Adverbs? Lesson No 2 Basic English Grammar Ielts Preparation


What Are Adverbs? Lesson No 2 Basic English Grammar Ielts Preparation

Definition : An Adverb is a word which changes the importance of a Verb, an Adjective or another Adverb.

A word that changes the importance of an action word, a modifier, or another Adverb is called an Verb modifier. The words rapidly, very, and very are, along these lines, Adverbs.

Peruse the accompanying sentences:-

1-Haris strolled rapidly.

2-This is pleasant dish.

3-Ikraam endeavors pleasantly.

In sentence 1, rapidly shows how (or in what way) Haris strolls; that is, rapidly changes the Verb runs.

In sentence 2, very shows how much (or in what degree) the dish is pleasant; that is, very changes the Adjective sweet.

In sentence 3, very shows how far (or to what degree) Ikraam endeavors pleasantly; that is, very adjusts the Adverb obviously.

Sorts of Adverbs

1-Adverbs might be isolated into the accompanying classes, as indicated by their significance :-

Verb modifiers of Time (which show when)

I hurt my knee yesterday.

I have addressed him as of now.

We will currently start to work.

He called here a couple of moments back.

I had a letter from him of late.

The end before long came.

I have heard this previously.

That day he arrrived late.

He comes here day by day.

2-In the accompanying sentences Adverbs adjust phrases:-

Have you perused all through this book?

She was dressed all in white.

He paid his obligations down to the last cent.

She was sitting close adjacent to him.

At what hour is the sun directly above us?

3-Adverbs of Frequency (which show how frequently).

He rarely comes here.

I have disclosed to you twice.

I have not seen him once.

He frequently commits errors;

4-Adverbs remaining toward the start of sentences in some cases adjust the entirety

sentence, instead of a specific word; as,

Conceivably it is as you state. Surely you are incorrect.

Clearly the figures are erroneous.

Tragically nobody was available there.

Fortunately he got away from safe.

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