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Uses Of Conjunction Lesson No 4 Ielts Exams Preparation English Grammar


Uses Of Conjunction Lesson No 4 Ielts Exams Preparation English Grammar

17-Uses Of Conjunctions Or then again is utilized:

(I) To present an elective name or equivalent word; as,

The violin or fiddle has become the main instrument of the cutting edge symphony.

(ii) To present another option, as

  1. Your handbag or your life.
  2. You should work or starve.
  3. You may take this book or that one.

Note:- There might be a few options each joined to the former one by or, detesting a decision between any two in the arrangement ; as

He may examine law or prescription or building, or he may go into exchange.

(iii) As almost proportionate to and ; as,

The soldiers were not needing in quality or boldness, however they were gravely sustained.

(iv) To mean in any case; as

We should rush or night will overwhelm us.

18-If ,Whether,Whenever,admitting that Conjunction Uses:

(I) Whether; as,

I inquired as to whether he would support me. I wonder on the off chance that he will come.

(ii) Whenever; as,

In the event that is likewise used to communicate wish or shock : as,

1f I just knew !

On the off chance that I feel any uncertainty I ask.

(iii) On the condition or supposition that; as,

  1. In the event that he is there, I will see him.
  2. In the event that that is in this way, I am content.

(iv) Admitting that, as,

On the off chance that I am gruff, I am at any rate legit. On the off chance that I am poor, yet I am straightforward.

19-That, as a Conjunction, holds quite a bit of its power as a Demonstrative Pronoun.

In this manner the sentence ‘I am informed that you are recluse capable I might be transposed into ‘You are hopeless: I am informed that’.

(I) To communicate a Consequence, Result, or Effect; as,

  1. He was worn out to the point that he could hardly stand.
  2. That is utilized
  3. He drained so lavishly that he kicked the bucket.
  4. I am worn out to the point that I can’t go on.

(ii) To communicate a Reason or Cause, and is identical to in light of the fact that, for that, in that; as,

Not excessively I cherished Caesar less, however that I adored Rome more. He was irritated that he was repudiated.

(iii) To communicate a Purpose, and is comparable to all together that; as,

  1. We sow that we may procure.
  2. He stayed silent that the question may stop.
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