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Top 15 Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies for Guaranteed Growth


The real estate industry is highly competitive. Getting prospects will be difficult if we are not creative and strategic in our marketing efforts. Many real estate businesses still rely on offline methods such as pamphlet distribution or hoarding advertising. However, these activities are incomplete on their own to generate high-quality leads. We can try the following as an alternative to outdated marketing.

Tested and Proven Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies 

Let’s have a look at some important strategies that can help us in lead generation in real estate:

  1. Build A Website

In the digital age, having an online presence is a must. We can create a dynamic website and creatively list all our projects. While designing the website, we need to ensure that our website is mobile-friendly. When we promote our project offline, prospective customers will immediately search for us on the internet. If they find a complete and informative website, our chances of getting a quality lead increase.

  1. Customer Feedback

According to various data, online reviews significantly influence customer purchasing decisions. If we have positive feedback on the internet or more people are personally recommending our brand, the chances of getting a lead increase. Consider creating a separate webpage to publish reviews. Share customer testimonials in video format across various social media accounts.

  1. Below-The-Line Strategy

This strategy entails holding seminars, hosting events in various neighbouring societies, and organising industry exhibitions. We can connect with our prospective clients more personally if we are good at networking.

  1. Set Up the GMB Profile

People prefer investing in nearby properties. For example, if a person lives in Delhi and wants to buy real estate, one of their searches might be for “best real estate in Delhi.” Google My Business listings, or GMB, inform online searchers about our operating hours, office address, and services while making us visible on local internet searches.

  1. Live Stream

People nowadays prefer to view properties online. The likelihood of receiving calls increases if we provide a virtual tour of the residential/commercial real estate we want to sell.

  1. Database

We should make use of our existing customers’ information. Create a well-thought-out referral strategy and begin sending emailers to elite clients. Create newsletters with information on new applications, booking value, and property amenities. Two of every five satisfied customers would undoubtedly share the information with their contacts.

  1. Connect with Agents

Agents are real estate industry experts. They not only have a large clientele, but they are also lead conversion experts. Determine the commission for each unit an agent sells and present a commission plan to them. We will be happy with the kind of real estate lead generation services we get in return.

  1. Focus on Content

It might be surprising to many of us that over 7 million blog posts are published daily. A sizable number of these blogs will undoubtedly be related to the real estate industry. Prospective customers will not find our website if we do not keep it updated with new content. Furthermore, blogs allow us to inform people about our new launches, amenities that are our USP, and recent announcements in the real estate industry. 

  1. Paid Searches

Organic traffic takes time. If we have recently launched a website, it will not appear in search results until people specifically search for our company. It is best to use a paid medium, such as pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, on a list of keywords that customers in the real estate industry search for on the internet. It will help make our site more visible and increase the likelihood of clicks and quality leads.

  1. Attend Expos

In big cities, trade expos of different industries are organised regularly. If the expo is related to the real estate industry, we must always participate in them. It will help in building brand awareness among industry experts and potential customers.

  1. Focus on Social Media

Try engaging with prospective clients on social media to generate leads. Share witty memes, post creative and engaging content, and scroll down to the comment section to answer relevant questions. Also, ensure that our profile bio is keyword optimised so that it appears immediately in search suggestions.

  1. Use CRM 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software assists us in keeping a systematic record of our leads. We can track when we last connected with them and who has yet to connect. It also helps us understand where they are in the sales funnel.

  1. Social Media Influencer

We can get our real estate company promoted by social media influencers or industry experts. It will aid in building our company’s reputation and increases the probability of getting leads. 

  1. Lead Generation Agency

If marketing appears to be a time-consuming process, we can use lead generation services. Various companies offer these services that include lead acquisition, nurturing, scoring, and conversion. 

  1. Build a Partnership

Purchasing real estate is an expensive endeavour. People usually borrow money to buy it and then insure the loan and the house. Another way to generate leads is to get into a partnership with insurance and lending institutions.

The Conclusion

With advancements in technology, taking help from digital marketing is ideal for getting prospects. Some best practices include creating a website, publishing regular content, and connecting with industry influencers. To be successful in real estate, we mustn’t let our leads loose and try to convert them into potential customers.

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