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Words Followed By Prepositions Lesson No 5 English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation


Words Followed By Prepositions Lesson No 5 English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation

13-Sometimes an action word is trailed by a preposition; now and then no preposition tails it.

The importance, be that as it may, isn’t generally the equivalent in the two cases.

  1. I approached him at his office.
  2. After a bit of higgling he shut with my offer.
  3. He initiated life as a shop-partner.

  4. The procedures initiated with a melody.

  5. I call that mean.

  6. I don’t get your significance.
  7. A suffocating man gets at his office:
  8. This shut the procedures.

14-Prepositions are in some cases embedded where they are not required; as,

In the wake of having completed my work I returned home.

Where have you been to? Here to isn’t required.]

My oldest child is a kid of around eighteen years of age, [Here of isn’t required.]

15-Note that the action words order,discuss and stress are transitive and along these lines they are most certainly not followed by prepositions.

  1. The flood and ebb tides alternage with one another.
  2. The option in contrast to accommodation is demise.
  3. I acted by his recommendation.
  4. We requested some tea.order tea (not structure for tea).
  5. I talked about a topic.(not examine about a subject),
  6. I focused on a point.(not weight on a. point).

16-Some related words take various Prepositions after them.

  1. The old woman is friendly to all.
  2. He is yearning of popularity.
  3. It is all because of his desire for notoriety.
  4. As per his recommendation I took quinine.
  5. She has extraordinary warmth for her grandkids.

17-Certain Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, and Participles are constantly trailed by specific Prepositions.

Peruse the accompanying sentences, taking note of fitting Prepositions:

  1. It is normal in each man to want for qualification.
  2. In the old style age the perfect existence of the Brahman was isolated into four phases or ashrams.
  3. He was invested with blessings fitted to win distinction in any field of human movement.
  4. The genuine man of honor is gracious and amicable to his neighbors.
  5. Recently obtained opportunity is in some cases at risk to manhandle.
  6. Little Jack demonstrated a serious counterpart for the mammoth.

  7. The African elephant is presently bound to Central Africa.

  8. The essayist is clearly enchanted of the subject.

  9. These PCs are sufficiently modest to be available to the vast majority.

  10. The goat subsists on the coarsest of nourishment.
  11. Desire doesn’t generally conduce to extreme bliss.
  12. India is an honorable, lovely land, abounding with common riches.
  13. Being advised of our methodology, the entire neighborhood turned out to meet their serve.
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