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Why cybersecurity training is essential for any business?


Cyber incidents such as IT failures, ransomware attacks, or data breaches are at the top of the list of major business risks. They increasingly affect small and medium-sized businesses, which often underestimate their vulnerability.

Two main vectors of external threats come to the forefront: social engineering and technical vulnerability exploitation. Add to that the internal vectors of threats, including lack of cybersecurity risk assessment, insecure software development, poor access controls, lacking data protection, device, and password security issues, low levels of security investment, as well as insufficient training and awareness, cyber hygiene culture, and technical security skills gap, which all leave a potentially extensive surface for attacks.

Other factors include an underdeveloped “cyberculture,” misconceptions about excessive complexity, concerns, and often incorrect perceptions about cloud security, as well as a general lack of awareness of the technologies and support that are “actually available” to small and medium-sized enterprises.

It is abundantly clear that cybersecurity must be at the forefront of attention for all organizations, regardless of their size! With the constant growth and spread of threats, the importance of vulnerability mitigation in systems has increased dramatically. This requires careful coordination of people, processes, systems, networks, and technologies. And since the threat to small and medium-sized businesses is primarily human-focused tactics (phishing and social engineering), training becomes a vital strategic tool and driving force. Cybersecurity training will help create a paradigm of collective responsibility, adjust culture and values, and equip employees for the secure performance of their responsibilities, allowing for a shift in behavior and engagement, which are always at the core of successful subsequent technological changes.

SoftSeq provides cybersecurity training for educating your engineers and employees in software security and informational security best practices. Upon completion, SoftSeq can issue individual Certificates of Completion that detail 
– which modules were taken
– how many hours the training took
– test score in percentage points, as an average of passed test results.

The more you are informed about these dangers, the better your cybersecurity posture can get.


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