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Types of Addiction Modern Students Have to Fight


Modern society today is riddled with addictions and ills that impact the community as a whole. The majority of the addictions tend to impact the younger generation as they lack maturity to a certain extent. The addictions tend to trickle down in the lives of the students while acquiring higher education. Some students fail to take the pressure and the burden of their studies in a positive manner and fall down the rabbit hole. These addictions are thus damaging the society and causing distress. There are several ways through which these addictions can be curbed. Experts take several measures to spread awareness of the best practices through which addictions can be stopped and managed. However, students should take the necessary steps toward improving themselves as well. 

Let’s check out the top addictions that are impacting students across the globe:

  1. Coffee

Coffee is one of the most subtle addictions that exists in the modern world. It is definitely addictive and can cause harm to the overall health of a human being if taken in large amounts. The sad fact is that coffee is acceptable in society, which justifies its overuse. There are several studies that suggest the negative impact of caffeine. For example, tremors, insomnia, irritations, and even restlessness. The safest amount of consumption is 5 cups a day and not more than that. 

  1. Tobacco and Nicotine

Although there are several initiatives taken by the government and medical institutions to spread awareness about the negative consequences of tobacco and nicotine, there are several students and adults who are actively engaged in smoking on a regular basis. There are about 1.3 billion deaths recorded that were caused by smoking over the course of years. Several diseases can be caused by smoking. It is a very addictive substance, and that is why health experts recommend zero use. 

  1. Alcohol

Another major concern in terms of addiction is alcohol consumption. Alcohol in different forms has existed in modern society since the beginning of time. Over the course of years, alcohol has been seen to be quite addictive for adults and students. While some people can resist the consumption of alcohol, others can get addicted to it very easily. It is the circumstances and the environment in which a person lives that typically lead to addictions to such drugs. Alcohol itself can cause a number of diseases and harm the liver of a human body severely if the intake is not watched carefully. A small amount of intake might not harm the body, but regular consumption can cause serious problems and have a negative impact on other aspects of human life. 

  1. Sex Addiction

Due to the digitalization of modern society, another major addiction that has been identified is sex. Especially in students in the higher education criteria, curiosity, and hormonal changes can cause an addiction to sex that they might not have considered. Sex addicts also start distancing themselves from reality as other addicts tend to do. Students tend to see sex as the perfect way to release the stress of the world and have difficulty controlling their compulsions after a point in time. This impacts about 8% of men and 3% of women in the modern world. Some individuals point out that sex addiction is identified in the form of one-night stands or pornography. It is essential for students to check their behavior and ensure that they do not fall for such addictions. 

  1. Prescription Drugs

There are several cases that have been recorded in medical institutions on addiction to prescription drugs. In the majority of cases, the drugs are given to individuals who are facing a health crisis or as a remedy to pain. However, they tend to get addicted to these drugs and are unable to control their urges. Students tend to get injured from time to time, and when doctors prescribe drugs, they are pushing the students into addiction in one form or another. The problem with prescription drugs is that there is very little information made available to students or adults on the best practices to manage the habit and ensure that the addiction does not happen in the future. 

Another problem with prescription drugs is that it is readily available to students. There are several adults in a particular household that might have the drugs. Accessibility to the drugs is the most important factor that is causing the addiction in the first place. There are also enough illegal drugs that are readily available in the market. With money, students can easily get the drugs and find themselves addicted to them in the worst possible form. 

  1. Gambling

The last form of addiction that is causing a significant amount of problems for students is gambling. There are several live casino app downloads that are available for students. Statistics reveal that there are several individuals and students who are increasingly getting addicted to gambling. The compulsion to gamble arises when students get addicted to the high that they experience from winning a particular round. Many students see gambling as the perfect way to earn easy money and become rich at an early age. With sound experience and knowledge of card games, students find it easy to get real money into their bank accounts. 

As online casino apps increasingly integrate various games over time, students and adults find it easy to wager money from any corner of the world and acquire the best way to get a steady income. Several tournaments are held from time to time that give a high amount of money to the winners. Although there are several downsides of gambling and it is becoming an addiction, not many people see it that way and continue to invest everything that they have if they start losing the games. So, this is definitely a strong type of addiction that demands attention from experts, and knowledge should be spread on controlling it.   



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