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Key Tips For Preparing And Passing IELTS Exams in The British Council IELTS Exams

Key Tips For Preparing And Passing IELTS Exams in British Council IELTS Exams


What are IELTS and the British Council?


What is the IELTS Examination, and how does it work?

The IELTS exam is also known by the International English Language Testing System. It is designed by both the British Council Institute and the International Development Program. Candidates must present for an exam that will help them move abroad to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad, find a job that pays well and settle permanently.


This examination can allow them to travel to countries such as Australia,  New Zealand and Canada.


There are many sections to this examination, including the listening, reading, and writing sections. Different questions will be asked, so candidates need to be prepared to answer all questions.



IELTS exams are considered problematic. IELTS exam candidates should be prepared accordingly.


No matter how brilliant or average you are, anxiety and curiosity about IELTS exams remain constant. This anxiety stems from the lack of guidance. Students end up getting nervous and scoring low in the exam.


Students often don’t have the resources they need to prepare. We have attempted to solve this problem. We took great care to compile a list of the top resources that will help you prepare for the IELTS exam. These resources offer IELTS practice tests online, tips, and strategies for preparing for each exam section. You can also learn from IELTS professionals via interactive sessions or webinars.


What is the British Council?

Like the IDP, the British Council offers students the chance to move out of their hometown to a country where they can fulfill their dreams. This includes getting a job, enrolling in a university, and then permanently moving to the country with their families.


British Council is one of the most trusted online portals for IELTS preparation. British Council has over 75 years of education experience and is currently available in 100 countries worldwide. One of the most promising features of the British council’s online portal is its 12 hour-long interactive sessions with top faculty from around the globe. You can access 30+ hours of online material about vocabulary, grammar, and test-taking skills. It also offers interactive learning activities and a course in language and grammar for the IELTS exam. The British Council has a maximum batch size of 20 students. They also regularly update their website with information about IELTS exam dates.


The Best Method to Prepare for the IELTS Exams


1-When you are writing the IELTS exam writing section, it is essential to complete task 2 first. It has more marks than Task 1. You should also practice writing essays in under 40 minutes. Task 1 is time-consuming.


2-To increase your stamina and endurance, you can do a simulation IELTS test. In this exam, you must answer three modules (listening/reading/writing) continuously for 40 minutes.



Before you appear for the exam, it is essential to be more focused on your weak areas. These modules will be graded objectively, so you should spend more time on the most challenging areas to read.


When taking the exam, it is essential to manage your time. You can practice by reading passages more often. It is an excellent habit to develop a habit of reading them. Only one hour is all it takes to answer all 40 questions.

5- Writing more than is asked can sometimes be a problem. Examiners tend to be more concerned with quality than quantity. Do not write too much, as it will not improve your score. Writing skills should be as artistic as art. This will affect your score and ability to travel abroad.

6-If you’re not a talkative person and don’t worry about talking about unrelated topics incessantly, you can speak more than the examiner. If the examiner asks for a simple question, you should respond in at most two sentences.

7-It is important to use different sentence structures. Examiners will check your grammar and ensure that you use a wide range of formats. It is essential to use simple sentences and complex sentences to get a higher score.

8-Complete task 2 in the Writing section. It is worth more marks than Task 1. You should finish your essay in under forty minutes. This is because you will need to revise it before submitting it. You should always learn to follow the instructions when you’re reading sample manuals.

9-The examiner will be more concerned with quality than quantity. Write as little as possible as your score won’t increase if you add words to each task. It is your writing skills that will determine your score, not how many words you can write. Higher levels of English may have more time for writing, as they won’t need to revise their work as often.

The Essential Tips for Mastering the Skill in IELTS Test

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