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The importance of working with a UX/UI design agency


Successfully navigating a website or digital app without any issues or technical glitches can be a real feat. However, every day there are more and more specialists who try to influence the creation of user-friendly interfaces and final products. And you will find many of these professionals at a UX design agency in San Francisco.

Why is there a demand for such services now?

One of the biggest advantages of working in the digital sector is that the needs are always moving very quickly, so professionals must continue to grow or seem to be part of the solution, and UX / UI designers are part of a new strategy that is starting to be implemented in online in the world.

Because the world and social, commercial, business, educational, medical, and many other niche interactions have become digital, and that is why the user experience had to appoint a representative professional to dedicate himself to the study and creation of user-centered digital products: the UX / UI designer.

What is UX/UI design?

Although it is usually considered as one expert, the truth is that this specialty is divided into two, and then the specifics of each of them will be explained.

UX design

User experience refers to all levels of interaction that a user experiences before, during, and after contact with a digital product, which can be a website, landing page, app, etc.

For this type of professional, the most important thing is the knowledge that must be acquired by the users, their needs, and the methodology that must be used to satisfy or solve in a simple and understandable way, here it will be important to learn a little more about the psyche of the end user because the goal is to make life easier by paying attention to perception, emotions, memory, mentality, motivation and ways of learning.

UI Designer

On the other hand, a UI designer is responsible for the user interface, that is, works on a set of elements that allow interaction with the final digital product. According to user interface experts, the most important elements of a user interface are the following:

  • Clearly define the purpose of the site you want to create.
  • Give life to a navigation and search system that helps the user.
  • Organize all content elements clearly and comprehensibly.
  • Perform functional graphic design.

As you can see, the combination of both strategies creates a team in which strategic design based on the analysis of end-user needs is well-implemented thanks to a professional focused on the implementation of interfaces that can be processed by the consumer.

UX and UI benefits

Today, understanding users is essential to achieve continuous improvement in results. This is because the user is becoming more demanding and wants to be treated in a more personalized way. Information is everywhere, and highlighting is becoming more imperative than ever.

Having a reliable UX/UI agency in San Francisco in 2023, will bring great benefits to your brand or business.

User retention

In addition to attracting new users to the site, the Internet should be a place where current customers find valuable and interesting information. UX and UI design will benefit your business by increasing user retention and reducing bounce rates on the web or app.

Increase in sales

With user experience and user interface, you will achieve a website or application that is much more functional and easy to use for the user. In this way, you will reduce the bounce rate online and be able to increase sales by offering a much more satisfying, fast and easy buying process.

Increase in traffic

Another benefit of UX and UI is that from a web ranking perspective, Google values pages or apps with better usability, navigation, and loading speed. Therefore, a site with a good UX and UI will make our positioning improve in the search engine, and therefore traffic will increase.

What are the benefits of incorporating UX/UI into your digital marketing strategy?

  1. In the early stages of design and conceptualization, it can help you get more accurate estimates of the structure you are going to design, optimize time and reduce costs for corrective maintenance by starting off on the right foot and with strong research.
  2. During the sales phase, traffic and conversions are expected to increase, as well as user retention.
  3. On the other hand, during the use phase, it will provide greater ease of use and learning, as well as lower support, training and documentation costs.
  4. Finally, when measuring ROI, several elements such as learnability, memorability, and reduction in task errors can be salvaged.

What services will you receive when working with the agency

Above all, an agency can improve the overall performance of the page at all levels, optimizing the user experience so that your site gets a good conversion rate and visitors come and stay. This includes an audit to identify areas for improvement, define course of action and project goals. This audit consists of an analysis of all elements that relate to the user experience and interface, applying the usability criterion.

In addition, they will conduct usability research for your interface and UX design based on analysis, testing and real user needs, for which advanced tools will be used. Different types of usability tests can be used on representative groups of users when interacting with the Internet, analyzing their behavior to allow us to discover whether they can use the digital product or website in a simple and intuitive way.

Also, the agency can analyze and measure UX and UI design with the help of tools that allow you to check performance. This process provides useful information that allows us to optimize the user experience of your product, improve conversion rates and increase user acquisition and retention. If you haven’t made up your mind yet what agency to turn to in San Francisco concerning UI/UX design, just contact the Dworkz experts and they will be happy to help.

What about user experience for digital strategy?

The relevance of UX/UI is a topic that has been discussed for a couple of years, but its application and analysis in most companies is recent, because, as you can see, it is a complex issue that is currently concentrated in a couple of people, when it has the potential to be a full department.

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