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The importance of technology in today’s education


Today, many people take advantage of smart campus solution and advances in technology to streamline everyday tasks. An example of this is the importance of technology in education which considerably improves learning processes.

Information and communication technologies (ICT) provide an advance in the development of educational methodologies in collaborative learning. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, many of these tools had already exponentially boosted the reach of online education.

During these years, education has had to rethink itself to provide a new form of interaction and productivity through the participation of virtual classrooms.

What is educational technology and why is it important?

Educational technology can be defined as the variety of applications and devices that facilitate the implementation of technological tools within educational methodologies.

In this sense, educational technology serves educators the possibility to plan and guide the learning process more efficiently, this is possible with the use of resources such as smartphones, computers, and televisions, among others.

The development of these methods has been established for several decades with the aim of optimizing the presentation and understanding of educational content for students.

Benefits of educational technology

Technology is part of the daily life of many people, through many devices. This reality implies many advantages of technology in education :

  • Encourages collaboration: These tools boost students’ ability to relate and express themselves with their peers, which also allows activities to be interactive and participatory.
  • Exploration of new knowledge: technology is a channel for students to consume all the educational content that can complement their learning process.
  • Facilitates understanding: the use of new technologies makes students more concentrated and therefore the assimilation of academic content is easier.
  • Provides autonomy: this is related to self-learning, that is, this methodology allows students to build their own learning.
  • Boost creativity: Another advantage of educational technology is that it provides multiple tools to develop creativity and ingenuity.

What is the importance of technology in education?

The importance of technological advances for education is aimed at ensuring that students around the world have access to effective methods of learning.

Although many people prefer traditional educational practices, the truth is that technology offers a solution that includes a wide variety of learning styles and knowledge options.

These teaching processes through the Internet are also known as the E-learning modality. Whose main characteristics are the flexibility and possibility of adapting the learning processes to each student?

In short, technology platform such as Q-NEX smart campus solutions allows teachers to have access to tools to optimize their functions as facilitators of information and communication for students.

What are emerging technologies in education?

Emerging technologies are those technologies that, according to their innovation, propose improvements in relation to traditional methods in the educational field, however, they are in a development phase.

An example of emerging educational technology is the so-called learning analytics, these programs are capable of evaluating students.

This is possible, through the interpretation and analysis of data that they present in their school activities. This evaluation is carried out based on the academic process, so the results that the student will obtain can be predicted.

These analytics are useful to improve academic plans and guide educational objectives towards the needs and pace of student learning.

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