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Pointers to create a hat culture with a distinct style


Cowboy hats are synonymous with the western fashion industry. They are in existence since the late 1860s. Ever since the 19th century, the culture of cowboy hats has improved in leaps and bounds.

These felt hats are not only durable but provide excellent sun protection. They have slowly become the fashion statement in today’s world. Although the present cowboy hat is not identical to initial cowboy headwear, modern cowboy headgear has uprooted the fashion industry. The design and construction of these hats are very different and provide a vast array of benefits. 

The design of cowboy hats

The modern cowboy hat is very different because of its style and appearance. The initial cowboy hat was designed with a rounded, tall crown and wide brim. Typically coming from straw felt and leather, this headwear was famous among the aristocratic section of society. The inner lining of these hats came from high-quality material that helped regulate body heat. Moreover, customized headwear was much in trend with prominent creases and crowns. 

The decorative band and the overall appeal of this headwear come with additional features.

Moreover, these hats get adorned with buckles or bows attached to one side of the band. 

Modern headwear thereby has a practical and functional accessory. It also serves a valuable purpose because it helps protect an individual from the sun’s harsh rays. 

The trend and style of the cowboy hat are here to stay. Cowboy-style headwear has become a significant part and standard issue of the fashion industry. If you look at entertainers and Hollywood celebrities, you will see them wearing cowboy hats on different occasions. Hence, whether it is the mounted police or Rangers, cowboy hats are a fashion standard among these categories too. 

How will you determine your style? 

Typically, the cowboy hat crease provides the wearer with a unique character and identity. Although it has a practical and functional aspect, the aesthetic appeal is not something to overlook. 

Functionally, the hat crease helps the wearer grab the hat by the crown. You don’t have to take the help of the brim. For an average wearer, these minimum changes only increase the aesthetic appeal of the hat. Moreover, these hats are available in different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. 

This famous headwear comes in wide styles, which are listed below. 

The cattleman style

A well-known and traditional crease, known as cattleman crease, is one of the oldest fashions of cowboy hats. The style emerged when ranch owners differentiated from the traditional cowboy look. This headwear is narrower and taller than the typical cowboy hat. Moreover, the crown is 4 to 5 inches tall, with a single crease right before the peak. Along with this, the large crown of the American cowboy hats fits the head and does not move away even when there is a strong wind. It not only protects you from the daylight and strong wind, but it gives an impression of elevation. The cattleman style is a gentlemen’s choice, and you see it at parties and weddings. 

The cattlemen hat comes with minimum variation in terms of style. The fashionable section of society wears the crease. More so, this cowboy hat style is available in felt material. 

One fashionable change that has occurred is the introduction of the Gus hat. Although it has every element of the traditional crease, the crown and the front portion of the cap have a distinct appeal. 

The pinch front

The pinch front crease includes two crown styles. It is the diamond crown and teardrop crown. The pinch front hat is different from the traditional fedora hat because the brim is large and the crown is taller. Moreover, pinch front headwear takes the form and shape of conventional outback style headwear like the outback and western hats. 

It is more a merger of various headwear styles in the western world. Women prefer the pinch front crown headwear because it gives a traditional appeal with a modern crease. These headwear accentuate delicate jawlines with a narrow appearance. Hence, it makes the wearer appear thin.

Along with this, this headwear is available with intricate design and embroidery. 

These are some attractive characteristics of pinch front crown hats with upturned brim and lightweight material. 

These features are typical in trilbies, fedora, and outback hats. 

The Montana crease

Another popular crease style available in cowboy hats is the Montana Crease. It is very similar to the cattleman style but has a few differences. The crown has side indentations, which are less pronounced than the ones at the back.

 The Montana crease style has a unique look with a pinched front and wide brim size. The dent at the center got pronounced with pinched front and back. It creates the impression of the crown sloping downward to a point where the crease makes an impression. The brim of these hats is wide enough to provide you with an exclusive and unique appeal. 

These hats were very much in fashion during the 1920s and 30s. If you look at movies and TV series of that time, you will see the original cowboy hat featured on movie stars and gangsters. It helps emulate a stylistic appeal and provides you with a unique appearance. 

Gambler Crease

The gambler crease is also known as the telescope crease. It is not something new but draws its name from the conventional western style cowboy hats. The telescope gambler crease has a less pronounced line and a rounded top. The low crown and well-fitted headwear provide the wearer with a cool look. Moreover, the flat, wide brim offers excellent sun protection with comfort. You have various other styles of cowboy hats available in the market. You have to know all these in detail before selecting one for your purpose. 

The slight circular indentation emulates the look of the wearer by providing functionality. 

You also have open crown-style cowboy hats. These do not have creases but are rounded. These resemble the conventional cowboy hat and have similarities with the cattlemen category. You must mix and match different options to see what suits your style and elevates your personality. 

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