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Metaphor, Simile, Personification and Apostrophe English Poetry Grammar Lesson 1


Metaphor, Simile, Personification and Apostrophe English Poetry Grammar Lesson 1

Figures of Speech may be described as under Metaphor, Simile, Personification, and Apostrophe.

1- Metaphor: A Metaphor is an implied simile. Like the Simile, it does not describe that one thing acts as another but takes that for granted and proceeds as if the two things were one.

Thus, when we say, ‘He fought like a lion,’ you use a Simile, but when you say, ‘He was a lion in the fight,’ we use a Metaphor.

Examples Of Metaphor:

(i). Life is a dream.

(ii)The four-wheeler is the ship of the desert.

2- Simile: In a Simile, a comparison is made between two objects of different kinds, which have at least one point in common.

Simile Definition: A comparison of two things of the same kind is not a Simile.

Such words usually introduce the Simile as like, as, or so.

Examples Of Simile:

(i). They shall flourish like the palm tree.

(ii). He came down like a wolf on the fold.

 We can use Simile can be compressed into a Metaphor, and every Metaphor can be

expanded into a Simile.

Thus, instead of saying,

we can say, Richard fought like a lion (Simile),

We may expand it and say,

As a ship is used to cross the ocean, the camel is used to cross the desert (Simile).

Similarly, instead of saying,

The camel is the ship of the desert (Metaphor).

The metaphor should never be mixed. An object should not be described with two or more different things in the same sentence.

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3- Personification: In Personification, inanimate objects and abstract notions are spoken of as having life and intelligence.

Examples Of Personification:

(i). Death lays his icy hand on kings.

(iv) In Saxon’s strength, that abbey frowned.

(v) Laughter holding both her sides.

4- Apostrophe: An Apostrophe is a direct address to the dead, the absent, or a personified object or idea. This figure is a unique form of Personification.

Examples Of Apostrophe:

For, comfort,

(i) O liberty, what crimes have been committed in thy name?

(iii)O death! Where is thy sting? O grave ! where is thy victory?

(v) Milton! Thou should’st be living at this hour.

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