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How to Protect Yourself from Spammers on the Web with a Temporary Phone Number?


It is hard to imagine a person who has never received advertising calls or phone messages from unknown numbers. Professional spammers interfere with the life of everyone who once accidentally “flashed” their phone number when registering on websites or social networks.

Then how can you use the usual online services? After all, today almost every platform requires you to confirm your phone number via SMS. Everything is very simple – register accounts for a temporary phone number, which can be obtained online through specialized services and applications. One of such services is exactly “SMS-Man”.

So, the most important question is how to make sure that your phone number does not get into the spammers’ database? Further in our article we will share working tips that will allow you not only to keep your phone from annoying ads, but also to preserve your anonymity. 

How to Keep Your Phone Number Safe from Spammers?

  • Registering on websites. When you register on sites using your phone – the number goes into the database of the site. If scammers hack the database – they will recognize your phone number and annoy you with calls. Thus, using a personal phone number is not a good option, so use a temporary phone number or buy an additional SIM card. In addition, do not ignore the user agreements: they usually have all the information about the possible fate of your data.
  • Limit information about yourself on the Internet. Do not publish phone numbers, personal e-mail addresses and detailed information about yourself on the Internet. These way scammers can link your online activities to your real identity and then use the information for social engineering. Social engineering is the psychological manipulation of people to force them to do a certain action or divulge confidential information.
  • Do not click on unknown links. Don’t click on suspicious links that come in text messages and be cautious about giving out your number on internet message boards. As we said above, it’s better to use a temporary phone number for this purpose. 

Lifehack: If you need to register on a website or app, use a temporary phone number that you can get online. These are phones that are used temporarily, they are not associated with your identity or device.  Also, you don’t even need a SIM card to use them, you can get one and manage it through a browser or app from any device. For more detailed information you can go to


What to Do If Your Phone Number Has Been Attacked by Spammers?

We share ways that can help you stop the flow of phone spam:

– Block spammers. The first method is the simplest and most obvious. It only works if you have the number of a spammer or scammer: Open “Phone” and go to contacts. Then select the number and press “Block Caller” (this feature is usually at the bottom of the screen or in the menu).

– Verify numbers. Contacts of phone scammers and spammers, as a rule, quickly spread over the Internet. There are special services that collect user reviews for certain numbers. Just choose the site you like best, enter the numbers you are interested in and read what other people write about it.

– Download an anti-spam app. Today in the technology market, you can find a lot of programs to combat annoying calls from spammers and scammers. Such programs have large databases of spam numbers and can automatically detect caller information during an incoming call.


Anonymity and security of information on the Internet depends on your actions. Even the most secure OS, purchased phone numbers and cryptocurrency will not help you hide from surveillance and hackers if you log in to your accounts with your information filled in and do not separate the Internet for different purposes. So keep an eye on the information you publish about yourself online and use various tools such as VPNs, temporary phone numbers and email services, verification services and others.


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